Item #54425 WEEGEE'S CAMERA MAGIC. Weegee, Usher or Arthur Fellig.


Castle Films, [1960 - 1966]. Weegee. Complete edition. 8mm, 200 feet of b&w silent film. Housed in illustrated publisher's 5 1/4 x 5 1/4 inch box. The box shows modest wear. I have not viewed this film, however, it appears to be in fine condition. Item #54425

"Weegee's nontheatrical short Camera Magic, made for Castle Films, a demonstration of photographic and cinematographic tricks, embodies some of the same accessible and highly democratic aesthetic traditions of his contemporaries. His use of a carnivalesque sensibility, however, distinguishes him from the avant-garde experimentation of more refined modernist aesthetes. One sequence demonstrates how to stage a photograph called "the girl who lost her head," a bizarre decapitation worthy of the most misogynist dadaist. In another, optical printing stops and reverses the motion of a horse race and a military parade, wreaking havoc on these ordered rituals. Though these techniques echo surrealist photomontage, or Vertov's Man with a Movie Camera, the Marxism here is more Groucho's than Karl's, as these are not employed here as part of a revolutionary political program, but rather as tricks for the "camera buff" or the "amateur " David Serlin and Jesse Lerner from Wide Angle 19.4 (1997) p. 95-108.

Price: $200.00

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