Item #53560 RETRATOS. Andrés Burgess, Andrew.

RETRATOS. El que suscribe tiene el gusto de participar al público de Leon, que desde esta fecha por 15 dias haréretratos de tarjetas...

Leon, Mexico: Tip de Pablo Gomez, 1869. Bifolium, printed on the recto of the first leaf. Fine. Item #53560

Andrew Burgess (1837 - 1908) was born in Dresden, New York. The neighboring property was owned by Mathew Brady, with whom he apprenticed as an operator; eventually he owned Brady's studio for a few years. In 1864, Brady sent him to Mexico where he photographed Emperor Ferdinand Maximilian and the French occupation; in 1867, he documented Maximillian's execution. Apparently, Burgess traveled back and forth to Mexico during the later part of the1860s, as indicated in this announcement from Leon, 1869.

Little seems to be written of Burgess' time with Brady, but he is credited with making the iconic photograph of Abraham Lincoln, which was used for the portrait on the American five dollar bill. From 1870 - 1871, Burgess documented the Franco-Prussian War, and he apparently developed an interest in the design of firearms, which blossomed to his holding 894 patents, among them a lever-action rifle manufactured by Colt, and a partnership with Eli Whitney for a lever-action repeating magazine rifle. In 1892, the Burgess Gun Company was in operation, later to be purchased by Winchester.

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