Item #31622 POST ME STAMP SERIES. Pittore Euforico, Charles Stanley, aka Carolo Pittore.


(New York): Pittore Euforico, n.d. ca. 1980-82. Pittore, Carlo. First edition. Approx. 2 1/2 x 4 inches, 10 colored mail art stamps stapled to folded stiff paper, which serves as the binding. Stamped on the front is the text POST ME STAMP SERIES and PITTORE EUFORICO. Item #31622

Artist, Carlo Pittore has created an artist's book made of his mail art stamps (each different) printed in black on colored papers. Two of the stamps make reference to the physicist, artist, publisher, Bern Porter, who claimed to be the first Mail Artist. OCLC locates only two variant copies.

Price: $300.00