Since 1976, we have specialized in rare, out-of-print, and antiquarian books, ephemera, and original photographs concerned with all aspects of photography from its pre-history to the modern era. Periodically, electronic catalogues are issued; appraisal and collection development services are offered. Please note that new items are added regularly.

 I am pleased to announce the publication of the new catalogue, E-LIST 22, a group of 59  books on printing and the graphic arts with an emphasis on photomechanical reproduction.  These books reflect the printing arts at the advent of photography and through its various methods of reproducing images from life to the printed page.  They include one of the first books to use daguerreotypes for illustrations, COLLECTION DE VUES DE PARIS: PRISES AU DAGUERRÉOTYPE. GRAVURES EN TAILLE DOUCE SUR ACIER. PAR CHAMOUIN; the first American book to use the cliché-verre process, AUTOGRAPH ETCHINGS BY AMERICAN ARTISTS, PRODUCED BY A NEW APPLICATION OF PHOTOGRAPHIC ART, UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF JOHN W. EHNINGER. ILLUSTRATED BY SELECTIONS FROM AMERICAN POETS;  Fielding's THE ART OF ENGRAVING, WITH THE VARIOUS MODES OF OPERATION, UNDER THE FOLLOWING DIFFERENT DIVISIONS: ETCHING, SOFT-GROUND ETCHING, LINE ENGRAVING, CHALK AND STIPPLE, AQUATINT, MEZZOTINT, LITHOGRAPHY, WOOD ENGRAVING, MEDALLIC ENGRAVING, ELECTROGRAPHY, AND PHOTOGRAPHY, one of the earliest English books to include a chapter on the new art of photography; Poitevin's TRAITÉ DE L'IMPRESSION PHOTOGRAPHIQUE SANS SELS D'ARGENT CONTENANT: L'HISTOIRE, LA THÉORIE ET LA PRATIQUE DES MÉTHODES ET PROCÉDÉS DE L'IMPRESSION AU CHARBON, DE L'HÉLIOPLASTIE, DE LA PHOTOLITHOGRAPHIE, DE LA GRAVURE PHOTOCHIMIQUE, ETC., ETC, a rare presentation copy by the inventor of the photolithographic process. 

This sampling is but a fraction of my inventory; for a larger selection, please visit my website http://www.cahanbooks.com.  New additions are uploaded regularly.

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